1. The Scarecrow
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The Scarecrow

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Music to the Poem by WW1 Poet James Lyons (1896-1918)


The Scarecrow.

Oh here I stand, the livelong day,
With fluttering rags and outstretched arms,
Feathered thieves to scare away
And save my masters field from harms.

My head is empty that I know,
Of rags and broomsticks am I made,
But still a servant true am I,
To keep my post I’m not afraid.

Though winds may blow, though rains may pour,
Though sunbeams warm around me play,
I’ll keep my post, upright I’ll stand
And do my best from day to day.

And though the people ‘oft may laugh,
And think what little good am I,
It may be more so than they,
To do my best I always try.

So take a lesson true to this,
Though you feel a little good,
Remember there is work to be done,
For a ragged coat and a stick of wood.

James Lyons (1896-1918).