Mat Skinner is a Singer/Songwriter, Composer & Producer based in Manchester. 

Armed with a guitar and harmonica his music is an acoustic ode to friendship, life and love. With influences from the likes of Neil Young ,Leonard Cohen and Jackson C Frank, Mat’s music combined with his beautiful filmic and soulful voice, proves he is clearly an accomplished writer. 

He was commissioned by 14/18 Now to perform ‘The Scarecrow’ (music written to a WW1 poem by James Lyons) at Glastonbury’s Leftfield Stage alongside Billy Bragg , this lead his Debut release ‘…with the power of a thousand suns’ in 2015 

These days, backed by some of Manchester’s finest musicians - Dean Casement (Plumedores), Andy Hargreaves (I Am Kloot), Dickon Kyme-Wright (Tom Hingley & the Kar-pets). Performances maybe few & (not so) far in between but a rare treat not to be missed.

Aside from the band Mat is currently writing the soundtrack to a Sci-Fi short, Pitching songs for Sync & occasionally find him welding random bits of steel together.



“...This music holds such beauty, Mat Skinner warms my northern heart.” 

— Guy Garvey - elbow



Mat Skinner Press Shot

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Mat Skinner Press Shot

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