...and Welcome to the world of Mat Skinner Music.

I am a Manchester based Singer/Songwriter, Composer writing for Sync - Film/Tv & Soundtracks

Take a step inside, have a listen in the music section.  If you want to use any tracks for private or commercial use, please contact me at matskinnermusic@gmail.com

Just before you do, sign up to the mailing list to keep up to date, it's gonna get hot in here - (the taking off of clothes is optional).

I've some great projects on the boil & i'm looking forward to sharing them with you.

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For further enquiries please email : matskinnermusic@gmail.com

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    Latest News...

    Listen Again on BBC iPlayer to 2 songs from our set Head for the Hills - Ramsbottom Festival 2017 - It's been an awesome week, keep your ears peeled for more!!!   http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05f3r98

    I'm very pleased to announce the coming together of the new band, I have some fine musicians and friends on board to bring you songs old and new.