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I got so excited about all things blockchain that I re wrote and recorded an up to date version of the Lee Dorsey Classic "Working in the Coal Mine" being available for use for Crypto vids etc.... Enjoy!!


Times of uncertainty makes us search for the truth, and in this deep digital tangle from hard forks & cooperate take over attempts to centralise a decentralised model/concept to people paying off their mortgages from an  ICO rising upto 4000%.  Most are unaware what's happening in the digital deep but since March '17 when i got my 1st Bitcoin i've been hooked

I have various small investments in other alt coins and in the last few months the words 'Smart Contracts" have been coming up quite a bit.  For any creatives reading this then it will affect you in the most positive way.  Digital trading is the future, well,  we already do it.. most people don't use cash as much anymore, technology improves and digital identities are common place, the blockchain will be the place.

Smart contracts are basically what they say on the tin... let's say i have a song that's registered on the blockchain and all the relevant information of that song (songwriter splits/publishing/master etc) is stored... some big hip hop tracks have upto 15 songwriters as a co-write.  Normally the artist is the last to see the fruits and the 1st to put in all the effort and doesn't get all that data of who when and where the song has been played - which the way i see it is our data - very useful for planning tours or hitting popular spots.  Imagine when that song gets played in like Helsinki, the stream/download would be registered back to the blockchain and the relevant parties paid there share instantly -  Smart contracts will open up worlds for small businesses and creative individuals. 

This is a great article about Blockchain and Smart Contracts 

Imogen Heap has already started using smart contracts - Read This 

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